Carine Duguay

Artist Statement

Art is creation. For me, the joy of art is finding substance, giving shape to something without form. As a metalsmith and art jeweller, I use traditional and diverse techniques to exert my will over timeless materials such as silver and copper. Raising and chasing in particular have become the cornerstones of my practice. These labour intensive processes utilize repetitive, rhythmic hammer blows to expand and re-shape metals into unique forms. I find myself relaxing while my body synchronizes with the raw process of creating. The steady rhythm of the hammer blows sets a tempo for my breathing and allows me to stay focused and in control. A truly intimate connection is forged between mind and metal, and it is in this deeply personal landscape of possibility that I thrive.

Artist Biography

Carine Duguay is a Calgary based metalsmith. After having completed her first year of studies at the University of Calgary, she continued her education at the Alberta College of Art + Design where she received her BFA in jewellery and metals. Carine draws upon her Acadian heritage and her love of process oriented methods to define her artwork. Her current body of work involves jewellery pieces inspired by her natural surroundings as well as a series of hand raised copper and bronze vessels