Cathy Sutton

Artist Statement

Having worked in many mediums over the last three decades, I have finally arrived!!! The glow and warmth of precious metals have invaded my psyche and taken hold of my soul. I love the malleable nature of metal- be it gold, silver or copper.

I can form it to my will, add to it and texture it. I can torture copper by fusing silver to it, I can recycle gold onto sterling, and marry various metals together to add vibrancy and depth. By adding sparkling gemstones, my own torched lamp work glass or one of a kind hand cut stone cabochons I can create a functional master piece that will, uplift and make the wearer feel like a walking work of art.

My materials are all earth friendly. Silver that is re-manufactured, gold-reworked, natural copper and fair trade stones. I waste nothing. Every bit is used.

The world is my inspiration. Textures from sand, stones, tree bark, moss, and grasses, shapes from the gentle curve of a shoreline, the angle of a tree branch and puddles of water after a rain, a myriad of garden colours and natural minerals from  earthy to brilliant - all add to my palette.  My pieces truly made for those who want to have total exclusivity in what they wear. Each is one of a kind.

Nepenthe Studio in Winnipeg Beach is the site of the magic. Nepenthe is an ancient Greek word that means “euphoria- uplifted- pleasurable”.

The human body is my gallery and each piece of art is as unique as the living form it adorns. These are the heirlooms of tomorrow!


Cathy Sutton creates one of kind totally handmade jewellery. Using gold silver and copper, she forms, forges, and works the metals into unique art. Adding sparkling gemstones, fabulous cut cabochons and intriguing torch made lamp work glass,

Sutton invents the special pieces she has become known for. Nature and the surrounding world are her inspiration; her designs are both organic and sensual mimicking the curves of a shoreline or the angle of a tree branch, the texture of bark and the smoothness of still water- making the wearer of these wonders feel both special and uplifted all at once. The human body is her gallery and each piece of art is as unique as the living form it adorns.

Cathy works from Nepenthe Studio at Winnipeg Beach Canada.