Christine Rio

Artist Statement

Soldering is painting with silver.  I love watching the molten metal flow over the swirls and patterns that I have laid out.  Like watching the slow process of lava seek its path down the side of a volcano, the movement of solder as it finds its footing and stays to rest is calming and beautiful.  I push its boundaries.  With patience and skill, I challenge the solder to fill larger and larger gaps, to create more abstract patterns. My mission is to create something solid out of the space between. I try to join a juxtaposition of elements into something unified and beautiful.


After having worked in the corporate world for over 20 years, Christine left her career to pursue life at home with her children.  Not content to sit at home, she began a small catering business, The Bite Size Food Company.  However, it was the purchase of an earring making kit from a local craft store that was the springboard for launching Pink Gargoyle Design.  Jewelry design quickly took over, and she began to explore different techniques before finding that soldering and silver-smithing were her passion.  Now recognized for creating soldered collages of vintage elements, stones and intricate wirework, Christine has a loyal following of collectors of her one-of-a-kind feminine art jewelry.