Dorothee Rosen

Artist’s Statement

I remaining continually inspired by my surroundings and feel very passionate about the materials of the trade and their intrinsic beauty and qualities. I look for discoveries by working through hundreds of samples. My design process is therefore material driven: I design through material, rather than for it. I am intrigued by the story the metal has to tell.

I am always interested in working with line, exploring manipulation of the line itself, and of volume created through line. In my Onefooter series, a length of precious metal is manipulated first to give articulation of the line itself, then wound to give volume. The metal finds its own path each time; each ring is unique and different. In Precious, very thin gold sheet is folded and wound around an uncut diamond.

I always strive for my work to bring joy into people’s lives.



 Born and raised in Germany, Dorothée immigrated to Canada in 1989, and graduated from NSCAD University in 2005, majoring in jewellery design and metalsmithing.

Recipient of various awards, and featured in several international books on contemporary jewellery design, Dorothée is becoming one of East Coast’s most talked-about jewellers.   In her Halifax studio, Dorothée creates unique art jewellery of outstanding elegance and beauty, inspired by her surroundings, and executed to the finest detail. Her European upbringing informs her design sensibility, which makes her work so noticeable on the discerning wearer. Most pieces are one-of-a-kind within several series, or hand-made in limited editions.  Among many other pieces, her Onefooter rings in gold and silver are sold in her studio, and only at the best galleries across the North America.