Janet Stein

Artist’s Statement
My jewelry is made with attention to detail, both in design and craftsmanship.  My jewelry designs are still very influenced by my graphic design background.  I’m attracted to clean lines and simple ornamentation with a bold hit of color.  I take inspiration from the rainbow of color found in gemstones and love the simple contrast of the color with brushed finished and high polished silver.

I live and work in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and have worked out of Electrum Design Studio since 1995.  I have been working under the mentorship of Wayne Mackenzie, designer goldsmith since 1995 and studied jewelry making at Art Studio Fuji in Florence, Italy in the summer of 2002.  My art training includes a BFA from the University of Alberta (1992), majoring in graphic design.  I regularly show and sell my work at summer festivals like the Edmonton Folk Music Festivals, and take part in four Christmas time shows – Calgary Art Market, Saskatoon Sundog festival, Edmonton Butterdome, and the Ottawa Signatures show.  My work is also sold at 15 gift shop/galleries across Canada.