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Kim Johansen

Artist’s Statement

My primary inspiration as an artist is rooted in the need to explore and communicate the experience of being human. Metaphor, archetype and symbol form a vocabulary with which to articulate themes of duality, transformation, loss, longing, redemption, joyfulness and transcendence. The second inspiration for my work comes from the desire to awaken and invite beauty into my life, and into the world. The human soul is hungry for beauty; we seek it everywhere –in music, art, landscape, clothing, furniture, architecture, companionship, love and in ourselves.

Exploring these influences within the technical and physical challenges of creating jewellery and sculpture from metal has taught me the beauty and importance of making the human touch visible in an object. In striving for technical excellence I have found the freedom to create objects that retain the imprint of the maker – and as a result, objects that are uniquely and joyfully

human – reflecting my own modern explorations of beauty and art-making.


Kimberly Johansen is an emerging artist, designer and metalsmith who  won awards for design and leadership as well as technical and academic excellence. She received the Board of Governer’s Award in 2008, attaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Jewelery & Metals major and graduating with Distinction from the Alberta College of Art + Design (ACAD). In addition to being exhibited and published in Canada, her work was included in the international exhibition “Bijoux européens 2007” travelling through Belgium, Italy, Portugal and Cyprus. Ms. Johansen’s first solo exhibition, Being & Becoming, took place at the Marion Nicoll Gallery in Calgary, March 2008. Additionally her work was featured in Coming Up Next at the Discovery Gallery of the Alberta Crafts Council.