Madeleine Chisholm

Artist’s Statement

“I am happiest when I have work in my hand.  My workshop is my island, my bit of heaven.  I have always been making things, learning to knit before I went to kindergarten  I like whimsy, surprises, fun things, and things that move.  My fibre work of the ‘70’s still influences my metal work.  Who knows what tomorrow brings.”

In the 70’s Madeleine worked as a fibre artist.  BC Tel, the bank of Montreal and Dominion Construction commissioned her large-scale works.  She exhibited her work in Paris, France and Kyoto Japan, as well as Montreal and Toronto.  She branched into jewellery-making in 1981.  Two years later she opened her studio shop “Neat Things” in West Vancouver offering workshops and selling her sterling silver jewellery designs.  In 1995 she moved production to her Ambleside home studio. Now, she is content in her studio with her three cats.  The pins, earrings and necklaces which are hand-crafted in sterling silver, are sold in galleries and specialty shops across Canada.


Madeleine was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia and attended Dalhousie University receiving a Bachelor of Science (mathematics).  She moved to Vancouver in 1959 and in the 60’s was amerced in the fibre arts, making large 20 foot wall pieces for public buildings and was included in exhibitions at Expo ’76 in Montreal, at the Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris, France, and the “Americas & Japan Exhibit” in Kyoto, Japan.  She spent a year at George Brown College, Toronto, metal department before returning to Vancouver and setting up her own gallery “neat things”.  She has had several one person exhibitions in Toronto and BC both in textiles and metalwork.  After 10 years of teaching classes and selling her own jewellery in her gallery, Madeleine closed ‘neat things’ and returned to her home studio, where she is now, making limited production sterling silver and enamel jewellery and sculptural pieces for galleries across Canada.