Meagan Schafer

Spruce Designs


Meagan Schafer completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Emily Carr University in 2003. She went on to explore her interest in wood working at Camosun College in Victoria, BC where she received a diploma in Fine Furniture. Meagan is a strong believer in lifelong education and takes every opportunity to refine her craft, which is why her work continues to evolve.

Born in Saskatchewan, Meagan cannot recall a time when she did not love making things. In her early teens, she once headed out to the woods behind her house and harvested some small trees. She then dragged the trees back into her house, up the stairs and into her room, where she transformed them into a fully functional bedroom set including a bookshelf and canopy bed.

Meagan has explored many materials in her work, but has found her true love in wood. When she is not teaching and mentoring students in her role as a technician in the Industrial Design Woodshop at Emily Carr University, Meagan can be found in her own woodshop, working on her ever expanding line of jewellery and home accessories. Meagan’s work is characterized by traditional craftsmanship and techniques, blended elegantly with modern technologies and materials. Her jewellery is inspired by beauty of the medium itself, which serves as the perfect setting to the many natural themes featured in her work.