Melissa Pedersen

Artist’s Statement

As a child my mother kept a very large, beautiful garden. She would plant colourful flowers and grow vegetables from seeds. After the long winter my mother’s garden would come alive. In a short time the empty earth would be celebrating, full of lush life, vibrant petals, and bursting blooms.

It is in the garden that I find my inspiration, especially in the spring. The early sprout, budding leaf, and the seed pod are symbols I use deliberately in my practice. These elements of new life represent for me perseverance, potential and hope. I realize life has many winter seasons, but it is also full of cycles. When a spring season enters my life I choose to capture it, and treasure it, using it as a reminder for the future.


Melissa Pedersen is a Canadian jewellery artist living and creating in Calgary Alberta. The anticipation of spring after the long and dark Canadian winter has motivated her to annually fill her sketchbook with designs about growth and the celebration of life. The garden is the most important influence on Ms. Pedersen’s work. Using the natural world for inspiration, Melissa’s favorite materials to work with are silver, gold and pearls. She always strives to create balance, uniqueness, and elegance in each jewellery object she crafts.