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Artist Statement

My career as an artist has been guided by spaces, place and visual content within my immediate surrounds.  The focus of my work is the aesthetic value found in urban and industrial decay.  To date this has meant looking to culture, traditional lifestyles and visual references of the land and sea to build a visual vocabulary for creating my jewellery.

Not everything is shiny and new but everything has a physical history defined by its existence.  Although the shiny newness of polished aesthetic fields easily draws our attention and praise, all objects, even those mired in decline or marred by death have narratives worthy of our gaze.


Meris Mosher, a resident of Nova Scotia, Canada, is a graduate (2008) of NSCAD University with a BFA, Majoring in Jewellery and Metalsmithing.  Mosher has been a resident artist of NSCAD’S Lunenburg Studios Program in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia (a UNESCO World Heritage Site).

Inspired by the under appreciated surroundings of the everyday, Mosher reassesses the immediate environment by acknowledging the beauty in forms, textures and colours found in declining urban spaces and architecture.  Regardless of the subject matter, (Junkyards, graffiti walls etc.) Mosher’s work questions the character of normative concepts if inanimate beauty as she translates them into wearable sculpture.