Naomi Evans


Artist’s Statement

I draw inspiration from the natural world. Sometimes this is a literal interpretation and sometimes it is a starting point for what gets distilled to simple texture and shape…. The graceful curve of a branch, the bend of a leaf, the sparkle of a dew drop on spider’s silk.

The history of design and objects is also a great inspiration. Architectural elements, graphic design, and the rich history of utilitarian objects influence me greatly. I have spent much of my life creating objects that can live and contribute to people’s lives and from this I get immense pleasure.

I love creating things. I love creating well crafted, beautifully designed things. I love, most of all, creating these things for others to take home and cherish.


After completing both a BFA and an MFA in ceramics, Naomi worked as a successful studio potter specializing in caved porcelain functional work. She was always fascinated by jewelry and returned to school to retain as a jeweller. In 2004 she moved from Cambridge MA to Vancouver BC, where she works as a studio jeweler. She uses traditional fabricating and stone setting techniques, incorporating silver, gold and precious and semi precious stones and beads. Both the shift to jewelry and the move to BC have been magical, exciting and challenging experiences that show in her work.