Linda Freedman Katz

Artist Statement

Vancouver, Canada based jewelry designer, Linda Freedman Katz offers original, one of a kind Sterling Silver and Mixed Metal necklaces, earrings and bracelets.
Always the visionary and hands-on artist, Linda forever seeks the unique, the interesting and the unexpected in the world around her.

Her understated elegant collection of organic texture and misshapen form expresses Linda’s own personality and unique style. Natural textures such as tree bark or seashells, contemporary architectural silhouettes, abstract art or even free forms of jazz music often stimulate Linda’s imagination.

Her creative expressions take shape with the strike of her hammer and the firing of her torch. Melting silver at extremely high temperatures, often with unpredictable results, produces varied textures and visual effects to Linda’s jewelry.  Fired bronze and copper components, combined with silver in an unusual way, produce an eclectic mixed metal aesthetic which is Linda’s signature look.


Born in Winnipeg, Canada, Linda received her bachelor’s degree in Human Ecology at University of Manitoba, majoring in Clothing and Textiles.
Her professional career as clothing designer in both Canada and the US, has contributed to the development of her own unique style, a drive to create art which makes a fashion statement and one which expresses the person wearing it.

Ten years ago, Linda moved to Vancouver. A chance visit to artisan shops on Granville Island there ignited her flame of passion for jewelry and the challenge to master techniques involved in the manipulation of metal in place of the fabric she was used to.

Linda’s one of a kind organic jewelry collections have now evolved to reflect her many years of inspiration, study and experimentation using Silver, Copper and Bronze as a mediums.

“My great fascination is that I am forever challenged and immersed in learning how to translate my ideas into tangible objects of beauty.”

Linda Freedman Katz