Patsy Kay Kolesar


I fell in love with jewelry when I was a child. My Nana used to send my sister and I gifts of jewelry for every birthday. These special memories were kept wrapped in pretty silk pouches hidden in my Moms bedroom. My Mom used to bring them out on days when I was feeling sad and I would get to unwrap each beautiful jewel, try it on, admire myself in the mirror, and feel like a princess.

Many years later I fell in love with making jewelry when I took a night class on ring making. I went into the teacher’s live/work studio and I never wanted to leave. I hadn’t known that being a professional jewelry artist was an option. I was enchanted.

My Jewelry Designs combine ancient techniques in metalsmithing with contemporary techniques in enameling. My life and the world around me continually inspire me to create. I am often struck by the drama of a piece of highly detailed fabric or the vivid colour of a flower petal. I am equally as inspired by the love, beauty, pain and heartache that make my life incredible.

I strive to create beautiful, original, colorful works of art that can be worn, cherished, and adored. I want women to connect with a piece and the story behind it, and when they put it on their body feel bold, passionate, and alive.

Education and Professional Experience

I was an award-winning graduate from Vancouver Community College’s Jewelry Art and Design program in 2007. Upon graduating my work has been chosen for national and international exhibitions.  My Wedding Cake Ring was recently chosen for the Biennial International Enamellist’s Society Exhibition, Alchemy. 

My Process

Enamel is glass fused to metal. In order to achieve my detailed patterns I use a process of silk screening, a technique that is usually used in textile work. It is a process that takes great patience, practice, and time. The pattern and colour combinations are endless which excites me to no end and fires my passion for jewelry art.  mylifeinjewels