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Artist’s Statement

My goal as a jeweller is to make jewellery that connects with people on a very basic, instinctual level.  I want the piece of jewellery to be more than an accessory’ to be something that the wearer will cherish and will see as an expression of their identity.  Currently I use two primary images, fossils (and photographs – in an exploration of memory) and paisley patterns.  Etching technology enables me to put words and photographs onto metal and that has opened up a new design direction with my cuff bracelets.  Sterling silver, copper, brass and bronze are my metals of choice and currently, etching and married metal are techniques I enjoy.  Etching metal for jewellery has recently led me to printmaking and book making.  I look for ways to combine my love of metal with this new passion for working with paper. 


A night school course in jewellery making with Andrew Fussell in 1970 sent me on an unexpected path to the life as a jeweller/artist/metalsmith/teacher.  After completing studies in London England and George Brown College in Toronto, my husband, Andrew Goss and I left Toronto in 1973 and set up Goss Design Studio near Arthur Ontario.  We moved to Grey County in 1976 and since 1993 have worked in our attic studio in Owen Sound.  During my years in Owen Sound, I have been a founding partner in Makers, a craft gallery, a founding member of the Art Town Collective, and am presently a Director on the Tom Thomson Memorial Gallery Board of Management.  Over the years I have taught numerous courses for adults and children including Halliburton School of the Arts, Creative Artists in Schools and the Tom Thomson Gallery.  Presently I teach part-time in the Jewellery and Metals Program at Georgian College in Barrie and occasionally in my studio.