Sarabeth Carnat

Artist Statement

I have been making jewellery since 1969. While enrolled in a fulltime Fine Art program I took a night class at Central Technical School inToronto with Andrew Fussel. (Andrew Fussel was one of the founders of the Canadian Metal Arts Guild.)  It was love at first touch! I work in three distinct areas. Precious jewellery and objects, anodized functional objects and conceptual jewellery. The intent of my jewellery is that it should be timeless, wearable and comfortable, although it often reflects personal issues. I love metal.  It is often the material and technique that are the inspiration.  I embrace the opportunity to work in several directions as well as to teach to enhance the vocabulary for myself, my students, and my audience.

Each time I work with metal, I fall in love with its purity, colour,

history and symbolism. I believe my jewellery must capture

this sense of timelessness.  My work is designed to be a distinctive,

versatile and lasting means of expression.


Sarabeth Carnat began her metal career at the age of twelve when she won an award for her design of a service pin.  Little did she know that this would be her future.

Sarabeth has studied in Canada, the U.S. and Israel.  Her thirty-five year span in the field of Jewellery and Metals includes teaching, a private practice in one of a kind, production and conceptual jewellery, metal painting,  and anodized aluminum objects. Sarabeth likes to explore extreme ranges of scale in her work. Sarabeth’s work addresses beauty, comfort and relationships.